I've been hearing about this place for years and have always wanted to take my car there since moving to Cypress. My hubby had a place he liked so I let him take care of it. After not being pleased with several repairs to my SUV, I finally decided to put my big girl britches on and take care of my car. I knew I needed a major brake job, oil change, fluids checked, etc. I took my car to Skeeters. Told them I needed the brakes done and wanted to know what else I needed to start budgeting for or if they saw anything else. I received call the next day from Terry. He told me everything the car needed and the big price for it all. Then we went over how much the brake job was (including 4 new rotors which I expected because the last time my hubby changed the brake pads he had the rotors turned and we were told it was the last time they could be turned). He gave me a price on everything I needed to do with fluids, recommended changing out the serpentine belt as my car is right under 100K. Also told me I needed some other work done but it could wait until later. I decided to do everything but the one big item that could wait. When I went to pick up my car, I was impress that my car was washed and the checkout process was quick and easy. It has been about a month and I am so happy with the work I had done. I could have had some of the fluid work done cheaper but I feel better knowing that I'm getting good quality products and feel I will get my money's worth with my car either lasting longer or needing less work. I liked that they didn't push all the work on me or try to scare me into getting the work done. They told me what I needed to get done now, what things they recommended and what could wait. I'm already planning to take my SUV back in the Spring for the rest of that work. Thanks Skeeters!

Karen,Thank you for your support and the confidence that you have placed in us. We hope to continue earning your trust!Thank you,Skeeter Lothringer,Owner281-469-1152 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd
5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 11/12/2014

OMG I love this place. I have a 2001 BMW 740i that I love. I did not want to get another car, but to keep the peace in the family the situation was getting close to having to sell my baby. Hubby and I just moved to Houston and two years before moving here, my baby, started making a bad noise in the front end that would only happen at very strange times. Very long story short and four different car repair shops later: one being a nasty BMW dealer, the car was NOT REPAIRED. The car only has 68,000 miles. I learned about Skeeters from a gentleman here in Houston. I took my car there and they fixed it. They listened to me and spent the time to really find the problem. Was it cheap no but hey it is a BMW but it now runs like new and do not have to go car shopping, Thank God! Todd who helped me went out of his way to keep me informed. He is a very nice gentleman, I feel like I have a new friend. We live inner city Houston and as long as I live here I will make the drive to get my car serviced at Skeeters.

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 8/19/2014

Took my Prius in this morning for an oil change and to have the tires check. I got in and out in less than 30 minutes. Todd is fantastic! I can always trust what he tells me. Thank you for being there. Awesome customer service!!

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 8/1/2014

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 4/24/2014

Went for the first time today. This is the BEST customer service I have ever received. A car, driven by a 13 year employee, took me back to work and picked me up again to take me back to their shop when my car was ready. The best surprise? They washed my car! It was sparkling. I need brake work done soon. I will never go any where else

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 3/28/2014

Skeeters really helped me out in a pinch, since I don't live near them, but within 5 hours they had my car as good as new and were extremely polite, professional, and willing to work with me on cost. Highly Recommended!

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 1/24/2014

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 1/21/2014

Great place. Super friendly people who actually seem to care about you and your car. Very reasonable prices as well.

John,Thank you for your continued trust that you place in us. We hope to keep earning your trust for many years to come.Thank you,Skeeter Lothringer,Owner281-469-1152 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd
5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 1/14/2014

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 12/20/2013

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 12/14/2013
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