I called around - turns out no one had my preferred tires in stock. Visited TireRack.com and learned about installers and their process. Paranoia rounds it's nasty head - of course I'm worried since I've never ordered tires online and had a shop install them locally.I found Skeeters through TireRack and they had good reviews. I spoke to Richard at Skeeters, who ended up being really friendly and not pushy at all. He reassured me of the process, so I placed the order with TireRack. He collected my info after I confirmed the order.A few days later, I get a call from Richard saying my tires are in (sweet! one day early). We set up an appt for early the next morning (7AM) because they have wifi, and I'd rather not miss work. I show up the next day 10 til 7, and they're already there opening up doors. I get directed to the waiting area - which was cozy and quiet. Their wifi was speedy, and I was actually able to help a client while I was there! (I'm relocating my office to their waiting room, pending approval by Richard).The install was done in approximately 2 hours; just as expected (installed and performed an alignment). Richard came in and we spoke about the work done, and he explained alignments to me. I paid my bill and off I went.Immediate driving tests afterwards are great, and overall the experience was better than I had hoped. I'll definitely go to Skeeters again next time I order tires! (Thanks for the help, Richard!)

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 1/15/2013

Skeeter's Auto Service has been able to identify and repair problems other mechanics, including the dealership, have been stumped by. Rather than throwing away money buying unnecessary parts at other shops, as they start replacing things rather than diagnosing the problem, it is absolutely worth taking your vehicle to Skeeter's for repair. They get it right the first time, and it's worth the few extra dollars in time saved and frustration avoided.The service advisors are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and can translate "my car is broken, it does this" into automotive speak for the skilled mechanics, and then explain your repair work in full back to you in terms you can understand. They take the stress out of the situation.The extended shop hours work well, too, for commuters. And your vehicle always comes back to you in better condition than you dropped it off - exterior wiped down, tires vacuumed, no hint that greasy hands ever touched your car.

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 8/16/2012

lol skeeters....

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 1/24/2012

What would I do without Skeeters Automotive? Several times now my dealer has diagnosed a problem and prescribed a course of action. When I've taken it to Skeeters for a second opinion I've discovered that either the diagnosis or the prescription were entirely wrong. The machines don't lie! Sadly, some dealers do. Thank you Skeeters for the professionalism, customer support, great service and guaranteed results you have provided me for 20 years.

5 Skeeter's Auto Service, Ltd 1/24/2012
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