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Greater Houston Auto Repair

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Make your automobile last longer with regular maintenance.

If you bring your car in before it gets to 36k, and allow Skeeters to do ALL of the recommended Preventative Maintenance service, BG/Skeeters will warranty all of the motors, transmissions, rear ends, A/C compressors, all drive trains from under 36k miles not to exceed 75k miles now for a "Lifetime Warranty" from BG and Skeeters!!

Preventive Maintenance

  1. All of the Preventive Maintenance Services that we/BG offers. Total transmisson flush and service with BG additives.
  2. Brake fluid total flush and refresh.
  3. Rear differential flush and refill.
  4. Radiator and cooling system recondition.
  5. Air Conditioner mold removal from the inside of the A/C system, keeps the nasty musty odor out of your car.
  6. Engine carbon deposit removal with the complete "Upper Fuel Induction" service, that removes all of the (power robbing carbon deposits) inside of the motor, and helps you pass the emission test.
  7. Brake "Stop Squeal" keeps squealing brakes, there is not any service that BG offers that we do not do here, and I recommend them all the time on the program, Plus the "DIY's" (Do it yourselfers) can purchase the products from any certified BG shop or here at ours.
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